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Hi beginners, first of all thanks to all of you that visited this website today, also to my beginners who have interest to begin sewing from me.You will learn a lot of sewing skills!


-Straight Stitch

-Reverse Stitch

-Zig-Zag Stitch

-How to thread Machine

-How to make a bobbin

-Stitch in a ditch

-Body measurement

-Hem by hand

-Alter a dress and pattern

-Method on how to sew your own clothes with or without pattern and more.



  Sign-ups requires 6 week commitment and make-ups will be scheduled only if sweejes sewing postpones or cancels classes due to inclement weather or unexpected circumstances, otherwise there will be no refund. Classes need to be paid in advance before it starts and again NO REFUND for missed class.

 Beginners will bring to class their own basic sewing supplies, except a

particular fabric.



To include not limited:


-Fabric Scissors

-Pin with large heads

-Seam Ripper

-Marking tool

-Tape Measure

-Thread to match fabric and also white and black thread


-Sewing Machine will be provided

-Practical fabric will be provided

-Project assignment fabrics will be providered by the student and be purchase at Sweejes fabrics and sewing

- Notions can be purchase at Sweejes fabrics and sewing also, thanks a lot


                                                  LIST OF DATE, DAYS, AND TIME 


Starting date: Session one                 Session Two

August 2nd - Sep 6th                          August 2nd - Sep 6th 

Monday and Tuesday                         Monday and Tuesday

 11.30am - 1.30pm                              5pm - 7pm

 Session Three: Private and Personal                                  

Tutorial require  an appointment

Scheduling which can be done in

 the store, phone call and video   

 tutorial, includes garment sewing,

 Project fabric measuring/estimate

 and patterns.Charges will be done  

 depending on your project and     

 charges must be fully paid before

 tutorial/project starts.


CHARGES: Session 1 and 2

$450 for six commitment weeks

Session 3, call for pricing

And all the payment must be done

in full before class starts.

Payment and registration must be done in person,

over the phone or by mail using a credit card, cash, check,

money order or paypal. thanks for visiting sweejes fabrics and sewing.

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